For the Love of Jobe — ​​Pet Services, LLC

Working with JOBE

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Thank you for your interest in For the Love of JOBE — Pet Services, LLC. We are happy to care for your pet!

To ensure a smooth process, here is a list of the steps for working with us:

  1. CLIENT completes JOBE contact form online:

1. CLIENT completes JOBE contact form online:

2. JOBE contacts CLIENT within 24-48 hours via email

3. JOBE schedules initial consultation

4. At consultation in your home:

—CLIENT brings a working set of house keys (please check copies); no key chain needed; JOBE retains keys for future visits

—CLIENT brings a check for $25 meeting fee payable to “For the Love of JOBE Pet Services, LLC”
—JOBE brings contract to review with CLIENT and conducts a walk-through the home, including a review of the cat’s environment and review of food / water / medications and habits
—JOBE leaves contract with CLIENT
—JOBE confirms dates of care to schedule with CLIENT 

5. After the consultation:
—JOBE sends CLIENT invoice for first set of scheduled care dates

—Each visit is $25
—CLIENT sends completed contract with signatures and payment in full for first set of dates (future payments are left at home) to:
​For the Love of JOBE Pet Services, LLC, 30 Kilsyth Road, #B-1, Brookline, MA 02445

6. During cat care visits:
—JOBE takes pictures and sends CLIENT email / text updates
—JOBE logs behaviors / potty / things occurring at home

7. After cat visits:
—CLIENT emails/texts JOBE to let them know they are home (JOBE worries about your cat’s health!)
—JOBE holds onto keys for future visits

—JOBE/CLIENT schedule future dates for cat care and love!