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What our clients (the human ones, on behalf of the furry ones) are saying

I adore Michelle, and so does my cat! The first time Michelle came over to meet my guy, she immediately won my cat over with little toys that she brought for him. She is reliable, communicative, and fair. She even suggested a timed feeder for my cat so that she would not have to charge me for a second stop during the days that she is pet sitting. When Michelle does come to visit, she feeds, scoops the litter, and plays with my guy--always sending me pictures of him--every time! She also gets my mail for me. If I had plants, she would water them, but I don't. Michelle is more than just my pet sitter, she has become a friend, and it's so nice to know that I have someone trusted there for me and my cat when I have to travel. I recommend For the Love of JOBE -- Pet Services wholeheartedly!

Robin E., Brookline, MA

Michelle, the owner of this service, demonstrated the highest professionalism, immeasurable love for animals, a deep knowledge of the behavior of cats, expressed in very useful advice that helped brighten the last days of our pet. She was with us at the grieving time for which we are very grateful to her.
Elizabeth and Alexander Shifrin, Brookline, MA

Michelle is truly as good as it gets when it comes to cat care. She cared for my girl Abigail for a number of years, giving her medication and subcutaneous fluids and extra attention as her health began to decline. Michelle was there for me too when Abigail finally reached the end of her (nearly 20-year) life. She visited multiple times in the last days to help me decide when it was 'time' to call the in-house vet and was in touch by text repeatedly, when she wasn't with me. I can't imagine what it would have been like without her. She does this as a living, but really does this for her love of animals, and it shows. So lucky to have her in our lives!

Barbara L., Brookline, MA

Our three gingers are well taken care of by Michelle whenever we are away. She sends us daily updates with photos! Michelle replies quickly to SMS and emails and is punctual and we feel that she truly cares for the cats. Two of our cats require timely medication, so Michelle comes twice a day to feed the cats and give them their meds (syringe-filled and pills). We are lucky to have found her and can't thank her enough for putting our minds at ease when we are away and are happy to have her care or the trio.

Lovie W., Brookline, MA

Michelle is a reliable, friendly and professional cat sitter. She texts photos and updates during every visit. She pays attention to the details and let's you know if there is even a small concern. Highly recommend!
Jen W., Boston, MA

It's a huge comfort to know that when my wife and I travel, our two cats are well cared for by Michelle from For the Love of Jobe.
She sends us photos, brings them toys, and has really gotten to know their personalities! She's exactly what you'd want in a pet service:
​caring, patient, available, and easy to schedule! Look no further for a great pet service.

Benjamin C., Brookline, MA

The owner of For the Love of Jobe Pet Services Michelle is an amazingly loving and caring person. I was considering adopting cats again
and was not sure if I could do it alone. I travel frequently. I feel bad when I go to work and my fur buddy is home alone. Michelle talked
to me through all my concerns. She also introduced me to local shelters. She suggested that I visit the shelters and see how I feel. During
my first trip with Michelle to Gifford, the no-kill shelter, I was still feeling uncertain. Michelle told me to trust myself and continue to wait.
Michelle told me about bonded cats, which made me decide that if I adopt, I want two cats so they can play with each other. Based on my
personality and lifestyle, Michelle told me about the difference between having kittens and young adults. During my second trip with Michelle
to Gifford, I met Bilbo and Frodo, a bond pair just short of two years old. I felt in love with them immediately and was ready to adopt and
take them home. Michelle then helped me cat proof my apartment, recommended a vet, and went with us to their first vet visit. Michelle is
now known to Bilbo and Frodo as their beloved aunt Michelle. I needed help and guidance to welcome two fur babies into my home and
Michelle was the best guide and partner I could ever ask for. (Thank you, Michelle!) If you are considering being a first time pet owner or
​your life situation has changed and you need support, call Michelle! She has years of experience taking care pets and their families!
Mindy T., Brookline, MA


I have been using Michelle's services for a year now and I cannot say enough good things about her and her company. My cat is a rescue
who was (and still is to some extent) very hesitant to engage with people and distrustful. However, Michelle won him over by my second
trip out of town and he now looks forward to seeing her and always interacts with her. Michelle always send a picture of my cat with a
text when she visits, which I really appreciate. She is always responsive to emails and very organized with invoices and clear expectations.
She has also gone above and beyond when I had to leave town for a weekend when she had a big gala to pull off but she still made time to
check in on Pete. I have used different cat sitting services in Boston but needed to find someone new when I moved to Brookline and I could
​not be happier to have found Michelle! She is the best!
Christy H., Brookline, MA


Michelle is the first cat sitter I've ever hired. I always used friends and family before I met her. She is amazing with my cats; one of them
climbed into the sleeve of her coat the first time she met us, and that cat was notoriously standoffish. She takes care of their food and
litter needs, does a great job with meds, and gives them so much love. That is what I worry about the most when I'm gone, that they will
be lonely, but Michelle loves on them so much that I think they look forward to her visits. She sends photo updates with every visit, which
​is so reassuring. I recommend her to anyone who asks. 
Erin H., Brookline, MA


When I moved to Brookline a year ago I was daunted by the idea of needing to find someone trustworthy and reliable to care for my cat
when I travel. I really hit the jackpot when I found Michelle through her outstanding Yelp reviews. Michelle is always readily available,
responds quickly, and is always incredibly professional. Michelle is wonderfully thorough in caring for my cat and maintaining food dishes
and the litter box. Michelle brings toys to keep my cat entertained and feeling loved. She goes above and beyond just checking in. I trust
her implicitly in my home and to care for my little fur baby. 

​Tammy J., Brookline, MA


​Michelle makes sure my cats are well cared for when I'm gone. She's both diligent and skilled and always lets me know how they are
doing. She's been available easily and is a joy to work with. I recommend her services!

Cheryl S., Brookline, MA


Michelle took care of my cats for two weeks. She went above and beyond what was requested of her. She brought the cats toys, and it
was clear that she genuinely cared that they were healthy, happy, and well-loved. She looked out for small details and made sure I was
aware of any and all issues. Daily updates and pictures kept me confident that they were in good hands. Price was fair. Absolutely
recommend her without reservations.
Talley L., Boston, MA


Michelle is a kind, responsible cat sitter. She not only feeds our cats but plays with them/gives them company, changes the litter, and
takes out the trash. Plus she sends us the best pictures, which we love and confirms they're happy. I can say I enjoy my time away more
when Michelle is cat sitting because I know they are  in good hands. Highly recommend!

Laura O., Chestnut Hill, MA


We've continued to use For the Love of Jobe and continue to be impressed with the quality of service we receive. Last time we traveled
I changed the dates several times and Michelle was totally patient and pleasant about it. She provides such excellent care and she clearly
loves cats. She was also personally very supportive when one of our cats died and throughout the process of adopting a kitten a few months
later. I can't recommend her enough!

Sally G., Brookline, MA


Michelle and her team are great! We've used them a few times now and it's always been a great experience. Both for long and short trips.
They always surprise us by taking it the extra mile they've picked up around the home, taken out the trash, and more — great
communicators, too! Can't recommend enough.

Perry M., Brookline, MA


I needed a cat sitter and could not find anyone around my area last minute before the holidays (totally my fault). I came across this
company on Yelp and on a whim emailed them and they were able to accommodate my cats! Michelle and Tatyana came to my apartment
and met both my cats and I showed them around. Tatyana was the one that came to the apartment every day. They asked questions about
their routine, feeding, habits, etc.; they were wonderful. Every day I received a text message with an update during their visit and what
they were up to. Michelle and Tatyana were incredibly responsive and did everything I asked them to do when they came to take care of
my kitties. Tatyana even stayed with my cats for a bit and played with them, which they enjoyed. I have a few business trips coming up
and I plan on using this company again. Michelle and Tatyana were incredibly professional and wonderful. I look forward to using their
services again! If you are looking for a caring pet sitter that is as attentive as you are to your cat or dog, For the Love of Jobe is the
pet sitter you want when you're away.

K.M., Brighton, MA


Should have written this review a while ago, but Michelle is an awesome pet sitter! Our tuxedo cat, Roger, loves her and she's super
responsive and professional — even when I'm scrambling at the last minute because I forgot to arrange pet care!! She was even really cool
when I kept accidentally calling her Melissa in our emails  — oops! But in all seriousness, Michelle has watched our cat multiple times,
including while we were away for our wedding and honeymoon, and she always sends cute photos and updates. When we come home, our
cat is happy and relaxed, and there's always a full report letting us know how Roger did while we were gone. For a few days after we get
back, I swear he waits around by the door for her to show up again! Anyone who has a pet knows how invaluable it is to have someone you
trust to watch your pet while you're away, and Michelle definitely gives us that peace of mind when we travel.
Sarah W., Boston, MA


We've moved around a lot and have had our fair share of cat sitters. Michelle is hands down the most professional sitter we worked with.
She took care of our two cats on five or six occasions over the course of one year, often for a couple of weeks at a time. The cats always
looked content when we came home (not stressed out) and the house was clean. Michelle was very responsive, quick to figure out the
idiosyncrasies of our cats, would occasionally even bring them toys or add ice cubes in their water when it was really hot. I always felt at
ease leaving our fur babies in Michelle's care.

Anna J., Athens, GA


Michelle cared for our two cats while we were away for a week recently. This was my fourth time using a cat sitter who I didn't know
(e.g., not a friend or family member). I will be calling Michelle from now on when we are away! Michelle went above and beyond what
we expected. She came once a day, fed them, filled their water, cleaned their litter. She also brought new toys for them and played
with them. She sent pictures to us via email every day after her visits with updates which I really appreciated since I was missing my
babies and nervous about leaving them for so long. We came home to find our apartment in cleaner and nicer conditions than we left it.
She had tidied up! Our cats were super lovey, which I think was due to Michelle's great energy.  We call her Auntie Michelle now, and I know
my boys are already looking forward to when we leave again so that Auntie can come play with them! I highly recommend Michelle for your
pets. Professional, kind, fun, and a great communicator. Thanks, Michelle!  
​Nicole B., Brookline, MA


Great sitter! Michelle is a wonderful person and very professional. Your pets are in great care when Michelle helps. We have known Michelle
for two years now and is able to care and watch our cats while we are on vacation for weeks at a time. Thanks!

James C., Brookline, MA


We highly recommend Michelle from For the Love of Jobe! For the past eight months, Michelle has provided daily walks for our formerly shy
rescue dog, who has blossomed into a self-assured, happy, Brookline resident. Not only is Michelle is extremely dependable and professional,
she is extremely attentive to any changes in our dog's behavior, which puts us at east while we are away from home.
Amy, Brookline, MA


For the Love of Jobe is amazing! From the moment I met Michelle on the first appointment, I could tell she loved animals and was going to be
great with my cat. I have hired their services in multiple occasions and never been disappointed. She is extremely professional, responsible,
and trustworthy. After every visit, she will leave a record of how it went and what she did for your pet. Also, my cat loved her from day one.
I highly recommend her for any of your pet care needs!
Madelane T., Brookline, MA

Michelle was so great while taking care of my two cats during a family vacation! It gave me such peace of mind knowing the cats were
comfortable in their own home! She was even flexible enough to be at my apartment when some maintenance workers had to get in while I
was gone. My cats warmed up to Michelle immediately — one of them the first second she ever walked through the door. I'm planning on
using Michelle again this spring for another trip!
Abigail S., South Boston and Boston, MA

Our dog, Hugo, cannot have a bigger treat then spending time with Michelle at For the Love of Jobe. That's the highest compliment one could
give! Michelle is friendly, flexible, and offers a wide range of custom pet services. Don't hesitate to give her a call!
Jessica A., Brookline, MA
I can't say enough about Michelle. She has truly been great! She helped us out in pinch while my fiancé and I were watching our family dog
for two months. While we both work downtown and didn't have time to come home during the day, Michelle was there for us! Ollie (our dog)
immediately warmed up to her. The days Michelle came we could tell; Ollie was beat from all the running around he did with Michelle. Michelle
treated Ollie like he was one of her own, which was totally reassuring especially since we just met. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who
has a pup out there that needs a little excitement during their days as well as some genuine TLC!
Samantha T., Boston, MA

I highly recommend For the Love of Jobe to anyone looking for new caregivers for their pets! Michelle loves animals, and it shows in the care
she provides. Knowing that Michelle is watching my (very needy and affectionate) cat while I am away puts me at ease. I know he is getting
lots of love and attention from her. It means a lot to receive texts, photos, and videos from her as well. Michelle goes above and beyond and
even picked up more of my cat's medication from the vet when I was out of town. She is so responsive and flexible and is happy to watch my
cat whether I give her lots of notice or very short notice! If your pet is a very important member of your family, Michelle is the right person for you.
Rebecca L., Chestnut Hill, MA

For the Love of Jobe has been taking care of my pup for a while now. Lucy Bear LOVES everyone at For the Love of Jobe and always comes
back from her time there completely wiped out from all of the fun she's had. She even tries to get into Michelle’s apartment when we are on
walks because she misses everyone so much. Lucky for her, I've been traveling a lot! ​If you are looking for overnight care or just a couple of
walks a weeks, For the Love of Jobe will be there for you!
Geri B., Brookline, MA

I strongly encourage pet-parents in the Brookline area and beyond to consider For the Love of Jobe — Pet Services to meet all of their
fur-family-member care needs. The staff of For the Love of Jobe Pet Services first and foremost is sincere and dedicated animal lovers. They
clearly LOVE what they do and my dog can attest to that! Your pet will be treated to attentive and caring sitters who will engage with, feed,
and exercise them. As devoted pet-parents themselves, the team at For the Love of Jobe Pet Services will care for your pet as though they are
their own. For the Love of Jobe Pet Services sitters are  skilled and experienced in caring for elderly pets and/or pets with special needs. Our
aging boxer, Pokey, is on a number of medications for epilepsy, arthritis, and more.While he was in the care of For the Love of Jobe Pet Services,
we were able to enjoy an extended family vacation knowing that our "first-born," fur-boy was in receipt of the best of care. It is no stretch to
say that while we were away Pokey enjoyed a vacation himself filled with walks, lap-time snuggles, and plays. I highly recommend the services
provided through For the Love of Jobe Pet Services!
Sara S., Brookline, MA

If you ever need a pet-sitter/trainer, you won't find a better place! Michelle Quinn-Davidson is a very professional, responsible, and a loving trainer who will provide the best care for your pet! She is great with animals! When I leave ​my dog with her I know I have nothing to worry about!
Inna L., Brookline, MA

Michelle with For the Love of Jobe took care of our young golden retriever, Henry, during a recent weekend when we went out of town. We couldn't have asked for a better person to care for him! She is friendly and enthusiastic, and she was great with our energetic dog. Michelle was really on top of all the little things (treats, types of play, behavior, medicine) that we might have forgotten to mention, and she made sure everything was consistent for our dog. She sent regular text messages throughout the weekend with updates and cute pictures, which was so great and kept us from missing him too much! Henry got lots of long walks, play sessions, and most importantly, love. It was clear to us that Michelle truly loves animals and would care for and love our dog like it was her own — what more can you ask for? She also stayed at our house, so we had the peace of mind that Henry wouldn't be alone overnight, like at some kennels. As a bonus, she left our kitchen cleaner than it was when we ​left — truly above and beyond the call of duty. We will absolutely be calling on Michelle and For the Love of Jobe in the future!
Christina M., Brighton, MA

Michelle is super-friendly, honest, trustworthy, and clearly loves animals. If you love your animals, you ​will hire ​Michelle to care for them.
Jonathan S., Brookline, MA

Michelle at For the Love of Jobe is the best dog walker/pet sitter Brookline has to offer! I echo the statements of other reviewers that she is amazing! She provides excellent care to our five-month-old English bulldog, Penny, and our grumpy five-year-old cat, Leo. Michelle embraces both Penny and Leo as if they were her own and keeps us updated throughout the week on their daily interactions. Michelle has also stayed in our home while we were out of town and looked after Penny and Leo. Michelle set the level of customer service very high for other dog walkers in the area. She is reliable, encourages communication, and provides our animals with love and care. There have been a few times where we have not been able to get home and Michelle has kindly come to the rescue to take our little Penny out.​ As others have noted, Michelle is also a dog trainer. We have noticed such a difference in Penny's behavior since Michelle started click training. It is important to note Penny and Leo also adore Michelle and I know they would say the same if they could type. :) We are so happy we came across ​her Yelp page!
Laura P., ​Boston, MA

Michelle might just be the best dog and house sitter I've ever had. She is meticulous in her carings, leaving detailed daily reports of everything
that transpires with my dogs every time she is here. Michelle also sends me texts and photos, keeping in tight communication while I am away. 
She is not only TOTALLY reliable, but also flexible, as needed. Most importantly, my dogs (three Havanese) just LOVE her, and she just
LOVES them. I feel entirely confident in leaving my home and my dear ​dogs with her and have done so for weeks at a time. I can't recommend
her highly enough!
Elinor H., West Roxbury, MA


I was extremely pleased both times she cared for my often needy and unpredictable cat while I was out of town. She texted me pictures of him
every couple visits, and did an excellent job cleaning up after him. I felt comfortable leaving for vacation knowing she would be checking in on him!
Ali S., Brighton, MA          


I had Michelle taking care of my two cats for four days and I was very pleased with her. First of all, when you meet her you realize that she
really loves animals and that she truly cares about the well-being of your pets. She is totally trustworthy and extremely professional and
dependable. She texted me pictures of my cats the first and last days she took care of them and left a Pet Log indicating what she did on
each day that she visited. I've had other pet sitters before and none of them reach the quality level that Michelle provides. For me, the bottom
line is to have the peace of mind that my cats are in good hands while I'm gone, and with Michelle I definitely have that. I will definitely hire
Michelle next time that I'm out of town. Without hesitation, I give her five stars and I would totally recommend her to anyone who is looking
for a pet sitter.
Francisco, Brookline, MA


Michelle is fantastic with my cat Pepper! I'm a little bit of a nervous pet parent, but Michelle takes such good care of Pepper that I know I don't
have to worry. She sends photos of him while I'm gone and provides email updates as well as a written daily log of her time with him. She also
does a thorough cleaning of all cat areas, which is much appreciated. She's very trustworthy and completely dependable.

Rachel G., Brookline, MA

Michelle is both professional and personal, knowledgeable and caring. She really knows animal behavior and is able to relate to and care for
cats (I have two). She does far more than simply feed-and-play, and I can imagine that her care for dogs is comparable. My first meeting with
her involved a thorough run-through of everything needed for the cats. Beyond that, she then (to my surprise) provided written  records of what
she observed and did — way more than any previous cat sitter, professional or not, had ever done. The level of attention and care, even medicine administration where indicated, was extraordinary, even better than a former vet tech who used to help me out when needed. Dealing with
alarm systems, even cleaning out water and food bowls without asking, tidying up around litter boxes, making certain that a transport cage would
be available and so forth, truly amazing, and very fairly priced. Constraining her client base to Brookline enables the best local attention. My two
Maine coons and I are truly lucky to be within her range and quality of service.

Julian F., Brookline


Michelle is the best pet sitter we have ever used. It takes a lot of trust to let someone into your home while you're out of town, especially when
a beloved pet's health is in that person's hands. Michelle treats our cat like her own and goes above and beyond what we expect. We had boarded
our cat in the past, and he always seemed skittish and shy afterwards when we brought him home. Because of all the attention Michelle gives
him, we come home from our trips to a happy, well-fed cat who is ready to play. I dread the day we have to move to a different city because ​Michelle's services are one of a kind!
Lauren G., Boston, MA


Michelle is phenomenal!! She is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, honest, friendly, trustworthy, and most importantly, she truly loves
animals and she will care for your pet as if it were her own. I am a nervous cat parent who had never left my two cats before, but Michelle's daily
updates and photos showed me how great they were doing and gave me the peace of mind to enjoy my trip knowing that my cats were in the best
possible hands. My cats are shy around new people at first, but Michelle is excellent at reading animals and figuring out what they need, so she
quickly got them to warm up to her and, after a couple of days, my cats completely fell in love with her! I came home to very happy cats, a log of
their daily ​activities (in addition to the daily emails!), a freshly changed litter box, and all of the cat supplies perfectly washed and clean. Michelle is
the best pet sitter imaginable and I am incredibly grateful to live in Brookline and be her client. I will use Michelle ​every time I need to leave town
​from now on, and I know my cats are already looking forward to spending time with her next ​time I go away!
Rachel R., Brookline, MA


My family and I couldn't be happier with Michelle's services. She is phenomenal. She stayed in our home for a week while we were on vacation
and cared for our dog and our daughter's dog. They're big black labs, and she exercised them, played with them, and loved them as her own. We
appreciated the occasional photos and texts and Michelle's incredible attention to detail. She immediately bonded with both dogs and quickly "read"
their personalities and responded to their individual needs. She also took great care of our house; it was wonderful to come back to a neat house
​and happy dogs. Michelle is a delight to work with: she is ​professional, personable, reliable and trustworthy. Can't recommend her highly enough.
Cathy K., Brookline, MA

Michelle was a lifesaver for us. We worked with Michelle for over two years while we were living in Boston. Our dog, Ry, doesn't do well with strangers or other dogs so Michelle came over and took the time to earn Ry's trust (and he fell in LOVE with her). Michelle learned to walk Ry (which took some work because he is reactive to other dogs) and whenever we scheduled walks she always left a nice report card. She even sent pictures on some walks! Whenever we asked Michelle to stay with Ry for a weekend, she always took Ry for tons of walks and sent me pictures so I wouldn't miss him too much. One time Ry actually got sick to his stomach and she went out of her way to make him chicken and rice! We always knew that Ry was in good hands when he was with Michelle! If I had to rate Michelle between a 1-10, I would rate her 11...and my dog would probably rate her at a 15!
Tamarra W., Brookline, MA

It went so so well. Michelle would give me daily updates on my cat and even sent me a few pictures since I was worried about her being alone. I've now been using Jobe for two years and I'm absolutely in love with the team and the quality of service I get for a great price. They truly care about the well-being of cats. I recently adopted two cats and they have been so kind in giving me advice. I can't recommend them enough. Your pets are in good hands with Jobe.
 I live in Brookline but originally from TN. I take at least two trips home a year, a week during the summer and two weeks at Christmas. I just adopted a cat and didn't want the cat to be kept in a boarding house. I wanted her to stay home. I heard of Jobe from a co-worker of mine. I contacted them and they were quick to respond. They came over to my apartment and hung out with my cat BEFORE I had made any decisions. That's just how thorough they are. Michelle is an absolute delight and knows so much about cats that my cat took to her instantly.
Lana S., Brookline, MA

The best and smartest and most caring cat care I have ever found in Brookline, over a period of 20+ years. When I was away one time and needed her to up her visits from daily to twice daily for a sick cat, on the spur of the moment, she was flexible and stepped up to the needs. Immediately. I give her my highest recommendation—and I am in the medical field, demanding of the highest standards. She met them and exceeded them. Michelle is a responsible, reliable, sensitive, sensible and incredibly well-informed cat care person. I have used her repeatedly over the past two years for my short (several days) and long trips (two to four weeks), to take care of my two somewhat older Maine **** cats. In the past, with other caretakers, I would come home to find the cats a bit out of sorts....with her, the cats and I settled back into our routines effortlessly and immediately. Almost as if they had not noticed my absence, that seamless was her interim care. She had no difficulty giving medicines when needed. She keeps meticulous notes about the daily care and special care, leaving the report behind at the end of the time. She sometimes spontaneously sends email reports, at times with a photo or two, for reassurance. Nice touch. When health conditions are a concern, she is extra-attentive and more than ready to take an animal to the chosen veteranian or even better to Angell for some of the best veterinary service in the entire region. Her daily fees are extremely fair and reasonable.
Julian F., Brookline, MA

Michelle has done an amazing job keeping the house in order with three crazy cats. I felt very comfortable leaving them in her hands whether it be a weekend or a week. I can't recommend her enough!
Nadia A., Brookline, MA

Michelle at For the Love of Jobe is amazing; I am so glad we discovered her. She was wonderful with our dog and cared for him like he was her own. She is responsible and detail-oriented, paying attention to many of the little things that might be easy to overlook. We got text messages throughout the weekend with updates and pictures, which was wonderful. Michelle took our energetic golden retriever on long walks, play sessions in the yard, and got his full face-licking treatment—a sure sign of a pet-friendly person! She left a note for us when we got back with details about how everything went while we were away. Since she stayed at our house we had the peace of mind that our dog wouldn't be alone overnight and that our house was not empty as well. As a bonus, she left our kitchen cleaner than it was when we left—above and beyond our expectations! We are absolutely going to call on For the Love of Jobe in the future; Michelle will be our first call when we make travel plans. 

Christina M., Boston, MA​