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Cat Care 
Some people assume cats are independent and don’t need people as much as dogs. But cats depend on people for food, water, safe shelter, veterinary care, a clean litter box, love, play, and more. Proper daily care for cats is essential to having a healthy, happy cat. Routine visits include: 

·  all litter cleanup and removal of trash 
·  cleaning of food / water bowls with fresh replacements 
·  petting, play, love, and attention 
·  daily report card
·  updates via text / emails with pictures

Pet health and behavior

For the safety of the JOBE team, we require all pets be nonaggressive. Please disclose any safety concerns such as leash aggression, previous dog/human bites, hiding behaviors, previous encounters with dogs, etc. CLIENT assumes any liability related to the safety, health, and behavior of their pet(s). 


Canines are required to have the following vaccines: rabies, DA2P, Lepto, and local requirements. Felines are required to have the following vaccines: rabies, FVRCP, and local requirements.

Additional Services & Information
Plant care. Home houseplants will be watered as part of our routine visit, if requested. Requests for summer yard watering and outside plant / flower care will be charged an extra $5 per day.​

Indoor/outdoor cats

JOBE does not accept indoor/outdoor cat clients. If you would like to work with JOBE, the cats in our care remain indoors for the duration of care to ensure their safety. 

Shared pet care

JOBE cannot “share” dates of care with other neighbors/friends/etc. When working with JOBE, CLIENT agrees that JOBE will be the sole responsible caregiver to ensure cat safety. 

JOBE team

JOBE may use one of its caring and trained independent contractors as needed. Each is fully covered under JOBE’s insurance and bond and supervised by JOBE’s owner who would be pleased to share their expertise with clients if requested.


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