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Working With JOBE

Founded in 2014

Thank you for your interest in For the Love of JOBE — Pet Services, LLC. We are happy to care for your pet!

To ensure a smooth process, here is a list of the steps for working with us:
1. CLIENT completes JOBE contact form at and emails a photo of their pet(s) to
2. JOBE contacts CLIENT within 24-48 hours via email
3. JOBE schedules a meeting in CLIENT’s home to discuss pet care and environment, and CLIENT brings a copy of house key(s) in good working order + $25 meeting fee, and JOBE brings a contract and invoice for services
4. At meeting in your home:
—CLIENT brings a working set of house keys (please check copies); no key chain needed; JOBE retains keys for future visits
—CLIENT brings a check for $25 meeting fee payable to “For the Love of JOBE Pet Services, LLC”
—JOBE brings contract to review with CLIENT and conducts a walk-through the home, including a review of the cat’s environment and review of food / water / medications and habits
—JOBE leaves contract with CLIENT
—JOBE confirms dates of care to schedule with CLIENT 

5. After the meeting:
—JOBE sends CLIENT invoice for first set of scheduled care dates
—The fee for each visit is determined by the needs of the pet (medical, check-in, etc.)
​—CLIENT sends completed contract with signatures and payment in full for first set of dates (future payments are left at home) to: 
​For the Love of JOBE Pet Services, LLC, 30 Kilsyth Road, #B-1, Brookline, MA 02445

6. During cat care visits:
—JOBE takes pictures and sends CLIENT email / text updates
—JOBE logs behaviors / potty / things occurring at home

7. After cat visits:
—CLIENT emails / texts JOBE to let them know they are home (JOBE worries about your cat’s health!)
—JOBE holds onto keys for future visits

—Returning home. Please contact JOBE when you are home after scheduled visits. We worry about your pet!

—JOBE / CLIENT schedule future dates for cat care and love!

Cat Care
Some people assume cats are independent and don’t need people as much as dogs. But cats depend on people for food, water, safe shelter, veterinary care, a clean litter box, love, play, and more. Proper daily care for cats is essential to having a healthy, happy cat. Routine visits include: 

·  all litter cleanup and removal of trash 
·  cleaning of food / water bowls with fresh replacements 
·  petting, play, love, and attention 
·  daily report card
·  updates via text / emails with pictures

Pet health and behavior. For the safety of the JOBE team, we require all pets be nonaggressive. Please disclose any safety concerns such as leash aggression, previous dog/human bites, hiding behaviors, previous encounters with dogs, etc. CLIENT assumes any liability related to the safety, health, and behavior of their pet(s). 

Vaccinations. Canines are required to have the following vaccines: rabies, DA2P, Lepto, and local requirements. Felines are required to have the following vaccines: rabies, FVRCP, and local requirements.

Additional Services & Information
Plant care. Home houseplants will be watered as part of our routine visit, if requested. Requests for summer yard watering and outside plant / flower care will be charged an extra $5 per day.​

Indoor/outdoor cats. JOBE does not accept indoor/outdoor cat clients. If you would like to work with JOBE, the cats in our care remain indoors for the duration of care to ensure their safety. 

Shared pet care. Shared pet care. JOBE cannot “share” dates of care with other neighbors/friends/etc. When working with JOBE, CLIENT agrees that JOBE will be the sole responsible caregiver to ensure cat safety. 

JOBE team. JOBE may use one of its caring and trained independent contractors as needed. Each is fully covered under JOBE’s insurance and bond and supervised by JOBE’s owner who would be pleased to share their expertise with clients if requested.


$25 initial meeting
$25 per visit for small pet care
​$35 per visit for pets requiring medication

$35 per visit for holidays (Presidents’ Day Weekend (2/19/2021 – 2/21/2021); Patriot’s Day Weekend (4/17/2021 - 4/19/2021); Memorial Day Weekend (5/29/2021 – 5/31/2021); Independence Day Weekend (7/3/2021 – 7/5/2021); Labor Day Weekend (9/4/2021 – 9/6/2021); Indigenous Peoples’ Day (10/9/2021 - 10/11/2021) Thanksgiving and Weekend (11/25/2021 – 11/28/2021); Christmas/New Year’s (12/24/2021 – 1/2/2022)

$125 per calendar day for all overnight stay / house pet-sitting care​

$40 per hour for pet consulting; JOBE supports pet parents with a variety of consultant services for the entire life of your pet. Whether you are deciding on what dog breed fits into your family, choosing between breeders and shelters, or have to make difficult end-of-life decisions, JOBE can help.

Cash, checks, PayPal, and Venmo accepted. Checks are made payable to “For the Love of Jobe – Pet Services, LLC." Payment is due on or before the first day of scheduled services. New CLIENTS must return the completed and signed contract before services commence. In the CLIENT fails to pay within 10 days upon completion of work, the CLIENT shall pay late charges in a total amount not to exceed one and one-half percent (1.5%) per week on the unpaid balance, per Massachusetts law. Returned checks will result in a $30 returned check fee, and subsequent payments must be made in cash only. If not received on time, a fee of $10 will be due. Payment options include: cash, check (payable to “For the Love of Jobe – Pet Services, LLC”), Venmo, and PayPal (sent via friends and family as to not incur a fee; if not sent via this method, CLIENT will be responsible for fee).
Cancellation Policy and Fees
JOBE reserves the right to cancel this service agreement at any time without notice. CLIENT will give JOBE at least one week’s notice if needing to cancel. All cancellations of pet care visits made less than 48 hours prior to scheduled visit will result in a fee equivalent to one scheduled visit.

​CLIENT agrees to adhere to the JOBE Holiday Schedule, recognizing that on those days JOBE may not be able to provide services on holidays, which include: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. JOBE reserves the discretion to not offer services on any holiday or any other day of the calendar year. JOBE will regularly post closed dates on its website.