For the Love of Jobe — ​​Pet Services, LLC

Bill Davidson is a videographer at Harvard Extension School. He lives in Brookline with his wife, Michelle, and senior cat, Eowyn. He lost Eowyn’s brother, Gimli, recently (pictured with Bill). Bill started with JOBE in 2014.

Tracy Quinn McLennan is the owner of TQM Communications, which provides editorial services for marketing/advertising, book publishing, corporations, nonprofits, and academia. She lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband, son, two Siberian cats — sister and brother, Milo and Mira — and a
​senior rescue golden retriever, Buddy. Tracy started with JOBE in 2014.

Meet Team JOBE

Sarah Moore works at the Washington Square Starbucks in Brookline. Sarah grew up with multiple cats in her hometown of Morgantown, West Virginia and began pet-sitting in high school. After graduating college with a history degree, she moved to Brookline in 2016 with her beloved kitty, Koshka. She is experienced with senior and special needs cat care and is excited to meet and care for Brookline pets. Sarah started with JOBE in 2017.

How We Can Help

​Geri Nicole Barrison is an offering manager at IBM. Geri is an avid furry friend lover. She loves all things feline and has a special knack for cat photos. When she's not with her own dog, Lucy Bear, you can find her taking care of others. She lives in Brookline, so say hi if you see her and Lucy in the neighborhood. Geri started with JOBE in 2016.

Team JOBE (pictured with their pets) includes:

​Abby Harris is a manager at Starbucks in Washington Square in Brookline as well as a full-time student at Arizona State University studying education. Abby is a huge animal lover and grew up with various pets, including her best friend golden retriever, Gracie Lou Freebush. After Gracie Lou passed, Abby began dog house sitting in Wisconsin. After moving to Boston, she now has a chance to love and care for local pets again. Abby started with JOBE in 2017.


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Our beloved namesake, Jobe

For the Love of Jobe — Pet Services, LLC (also known as "JOBE") cares for cats in Brookline, Massachusetts. We are fully ​bonded and insured.​ JOBE supports pet parents while they are apart from their fur babies. We offer a variety of cat care and house sitting services providing compassionate, loving, and dedicated care to your furry family member and peace of mind while you are away. We specialize in helping “high-need” cats including felines with medical and behavior issues. JOBE cares for both animals and people by the care and treatment of feline issues and strengthening the bond between humans and their pets during the many phases of their lifetime. 

For the Love of Jobe, LLC is owned by Michelle Quinn-Davidson. She is a member of the National Association
for Professional Pet Sitters, a Certified Dog Trainer with Pet CPR First Aid from the Animal Behavior College.
​Michelle established For the Love of Jobe — Pet Services, LLC 
for Professional Pet Sitters, a Certified Dog Trainer
with Pet CPR First Aid and is a
 First Aid Certified from the Animal Behavior College. Michelle established For the Love
of Jobe — Pet Services, LLC in 2014 in memory of her beloved, rescued, blind Newfoundland / Labrador mix, ​Jobe.
He was the sweetest dog on the planet, and his presence brought ​​family, friends, and neighbors love and joy.
to starting her business, she spent more than 20 years in nonprofits, youth development, and education, holding
leadership positions at various organizations. Thinking about what brought her the most joy in life, she realized her
true passion has always been for animal welfare, which led to opening her pet services business.
Michelle received
her master’s of public administration in management from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner ​Graduate School
of Public Service and her bachelor’s in speech from Emerson College.

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